Moonshine & Democrats

We are SO EXCITED to host Moonshine & Democrats!  Please check out our constantly updating facebook event

Moonshine and Democrats is going to be an amazing fundraiser – Saturday, 01Sep at the Virginia Museum of Transportation.    We really hope to see you there!  Proceeds will be going to our local candidates.
It’s a prohibition era themed evening, and it takes place on the 97th Anniversary of the Battle of Blair Mountain.  Costumes are requested, but not required!  But seriously – there will be photo ops and how much fun is it to get dressed up? 🙂

Here’s the schedule:

Guests Arrive:  6:00 pm   Cocktails/Dinner (Railyard Plaza)
The Galactics & Friends foot-stomping music
Silent Auction (Main Hallway/Main Street)
Guests can self-explore museum
Local historical presentations
Sen. John Edwards
Del. Lee Carter
Congressional Candidate Jennifer Lewis
Congressional Candidate Anthony Flaccavento
Va Delegate Candidate Carter Turner
Prohibition Period car for photo op in Lobby Area
Train Rides to Henry Street and back
Franklin County Distillery Tasting Table
Live Auction
We will be decorating a train balcony with patriotic bunting, and having our political speakers giving their remarks in a 1930s style train politicking!  We will be having both a silent auction & live auction, with proceeds to benefit our candidates.
You won’t want to miss this!  Buy Tickets here!

Get Your Donkey to the Polls!

Roanoke City Democratic Committee is unveiling our 2017 Slogan, and we’re very excited to offer you a chance to carry it around on your arm.  The official Roanoke City Democratic Committee Tote Bag!  Available only to RECURRING donors and available only through this link.

(We learned from NPR aka The Best! :P)

The tote bags are union made, union printed, and will have a union bug.

Roanoke City has a proven history of electing Democrats – we have Del. Sam Rasoul representing a large portion of the city in the Virginia House of Delegate, we have Sen. John Edwards representing us in the Virginia Senate.  We are proud to have Democrat Sherman Lea as our Mayor, and on the Town Council, we have Vice-Mayor Anita Price and Dr. David Trinkle.  In addition, we have constitutional officers Evelyn Powers as City Treasurer, and Sheriff Tim Allen, both of which have elections in November.

We also have some amazing candidates who are running for office in November, and we need to support them.  Djuna Osborne – social worker and Women’s March leader running for Virginia Delegate seat in HoD 11, and Melvin Hill, running for a Commonwealth Attorney.  Close by, we have Stephen McBride, running in HoD District 8.

What we don’t have is a steady stream of income, and frankly… we need it.  We have yard signs to purchase and hand out, we need to be handing over cash to our Democratic candidates, we need to be holding events such as Town Halls and Rallies for our candidates.    We need to be canvassing and getting supplies for canvassers at our coordinated campaign office.

And that’s why we are asking you to give the same amount per month you would spend on a cup at Sweet Donkey CoffeeHouse.  We have GOT to elect more Democrats in SW Virginia, and campaigns are not cheap.

We’re pretty excited to have swag for our recurring donors.  And the best part is – you can give us money even if you don’t live in Roanoke City!  That’s right!  Democrats up in NoVa can help get SW Virginia Democrats elected by helping fund local committees.  I will happily send you a bag no matter where you live. 🙂  After all, we ALL want to get our donkeys to the polls!