What Side We Must Stand On

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In lifetimes a few moments hang like crystals in front of a window. They reflect, ┬árefract, and color the rest of a timeline. One watches these moments – sparkling and sharp – and imagines them in the history books. The recent events in Charlottesville are such a moment.

Any discussion on the events must – if one is to be on the right side of history – begin with this: What happened in Charlottesville is not defensible in any way, shape, or form. This is not an issue with “many sides” as our President initially claimed: It is an issue with one side which marched through the streets throwing Nazi salutes, chanting racist and anti-Semitic epithets and one side that resisted them. Among the crowd that celebrated hate and fascism there were many prominent members of the so called “alt-right” as well as some members of more traditional conservative organizations such as the WSU president of College Republicans.

The Roanoke City Democratic Committee unreservedly condemns those in Charlottesville who were there as, or in support of, the white supremacist terrorists. We are committed to supporting and protecting those in our community whom such terrorists would seek to harm. The Roanoke City Democratic Committee believes that all of Virginia – including Roanoke – should be a welcoming and safe place to live for all minorities. Additionally, we must note – in recognition of the particular tone and content of the terrorism that occurred this weekend – that we especially want to emphasize our commitment to providing a welcoming and safe environment to members of our community who are black and/or Jewish.

We invite anyone who is interested in joining us in the endeavor of supporting and protecting minorities in Virginia to join us this Thursday for our general meeting. We will be meeting at 6 P.M. at the Co-Lab in Grandin Village. We hope to see you here.

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